Product Review: Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator

Product Review: Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator

Trent Johnson
Mar 10, 2010

Name: Fresh Wave Odor Control Products
Price: Varies by product, but prices range from $4.50 - $36.99.
Rating: Recommend*

When we think of bad smells in my house, we usually think people, pets, food and moisture. Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator seems to have a product for pretty much any odor problem you can think of, and they're all natural and green. They were kind enough to send us a few product samples for testing. While some products stood out more than others, the smells were all pleasant, and one product we particularly enjoyed using.

Fresh Wave products are manufactured by OMI Industries, a company specializing in odor control. In 2003, OMI launched Fresh Wave odor control for the home using all natural extract ingredients. Their products range from sprays and gels, to candles, pearl packs/vacuum pearls, carpet shakes for different uses and application.

According to their literature, their products don't contain any harsh chemicals or fragrances, are biodegradable and non-toxic, and are comprised primarily of extracts from soy, lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedar wood. We haven't seen their products in any store but they are available online at their Web site website.


To put their products to the test, we enlisted the help of our dog Sadie (not known for smelling great), our sofa (where Sadie likes to hangout), our vacuum (where Sadie's stinky hair ends up), athletic shoes (we work out a lot), a helmet and a smokey cooking session.

1. Vacuum Pearls ($12)
These were by far our favorite. We hate vacuuming - the noise drives us crazy, and the smell that fills the air as dog hair circulates in vacuum canister is not pleasant. The Vacuum Pearls are little odor controlling beads that you put in your bag less or bagged vacuum to control odor. Simply pour one cap of these pearls into the can and you're set. The effect was immediate. Upon first turning on the vacuum, the scent of the beads could be smelled - not harsh, but smelling of the ingredients: pine, cedar and perhaps some lime. Soon enough however, that smell was replaced by nothing - absolutely wonderful.

2. All Natural Soy Candle ($13.95)
We generally use candles to clear the air before having guests over and tried out Fresh Waves soy candle in the same manner. The soy candle was pleasant smelling and hardly noticeable. It's really hard to tell if it did a BETTER job than other candles but it certainly did as good a job.

3. Pearl Packets ($15.95)
The packets are a neat concept. We tried them out in a pair of stinky running shoes and it did have them smelling better after a day of simply hanging out. For test purposes, we also dropped a couple packets in my helmet and it was soon smelling fresh as well. We probably wouldn't use such a product, but for someone who does care how their shoes smell, it would certainly do the job.

4. Carpet Shake ($14)
We actually don't have any carpet, but the label said it could be used on a sofa so that's where we tried it out. Our dog insists on sleeping on the sofa when we're gone and while we put her dog bed on top of the sofa to guard from odor, somehow it seeps through to the cushions below. We applied some carpet shake and let it sit for a day and then vacuumed. While the smell improved, you could still smell some dog. I then applied another round of powder and this time rubbed it in - 10 minutes later we vacuumed, and the smell had improved markedly. We've actually tried a natural odor remover on this very sofa before and it didn't work. We'd say the Fresh Wave carpet shake did a far better job than the previous all natural spray.

5. Odor Neutralizing Crystals($14.95)
We actually didn't have a plan to test these until cooking dinner one night when we let some olive oil overheat, filling the kitchen with smoke. We broke open the Odor Crystals and set them down next to the pot with the windows open for the duration of my cooking session. While we certainly could have acclimated to the smoke, or perhaps we're more used to burning vegetable oil, it truly did seem like the oil smell dissipated quicker than usual. We could see these crystals working well in the bathroom or a place where moisture was a problem.

Overall, these are solid products that work and smell good if you like earthy/piney fragrances that don't hang around too long. The fact that they offer products that are fairly multipurpose, but also products specifically designed for individual tasks is great. They do the job well and you really don't have to worry about what's in them since all the ingredients are natural. We truly loved the vacuum pearls. The packaging is solid, while pretty generic, but it works.

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