Holmes True-HEPA Allergen Remover

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Product: Holmes True-HEPA Allergen Remover
Designer: Holmes
Rating: Recommend

We’ve posted about air purifiers before, but we’d never actually owned one. We were always curious about them, because friends of ours have told some pretty amazing stories. Still, we were skeptical. Recently, however, one friend’s allergy success story sent us to our local Target to pick up our very own Holmes True-HEPA Allergen Remover…

So this friend of ours, she was suffering from terrible cat-allergies (the throat-closing up kind). When she started dating a cat-lover, she bought a Holmes True-HEPA Allergen Remover from Target. How’d she choose it? It was on sale.

Almost magically, she was cured. There was still a little stuffy nose, but she could breathe free and clear.

We haven’t seen such drastic results, but there has been a significant improvement in our nighttime and morning allergies. We run the allergen remover in the evenings and through the night. We both have noticed an improvement in the air in our bedroom — it honestly feels fresher.

Has anyone else out there tried this particular air purifier? What are your thoughts?

Image: Stephanie Kinnear