YOLO Colorhouse Zero-VOC Interior Paint

YOLO Colorhouse Zero-VOC Interior Paint

Cambria Bold
Jun 29, 2009

Product: YOLO Colorhouse Zero-VOC Interior Paint
Designer: YOLO Colorhouse
Rating: Strong Recommend

We're always on the lookout for great eco-friendly and zero VOC paints, and so we were excited when we received a tester quart of YOLO Colorhouse's Water .01 in an eggshell sheen from their Earth Color Collection. Since our landlord won't let us paint our apartment walls, we decided to paint our naked wood nightstands. We'd been wanting to paint them for awhile, and thought that the minty green color Yolo sent us would work well in our bedroom. So, what did we think about YOLO? Jump below to find out...

We have to say we were really impressed. YOLO Colorhouse is a 100% acrylic paint that claims to have low odor, no harmful chemicals, and no added solvents. As you know, VOCs are the solvents in paint that cause the "paint odor," and they evaporate easily at room temperature. They contaminate your indoor air quality and are thought to contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. So, low or no VOC is definitely a priority when we paint.

For YOLO Colorhouse, we can definitely affirm the low odor. We painted the nightstands inside our apartment with the windows closed, and we have to say that we didn't smell anything while we were painting. We were so surprised that we actually stuck our nose right up to the paint, and it was only then that we got the "paint" smell, although it was still pretty mild. Application was easy and the coverage was excellent. We did 2 coats on each one of our nightstands simply because we had a lot of paint leftover, but we probably wouldn't have needed 2 coats. The whole project —from first paint swipe to completely dry— only took a couple of hours.

The Earth Collection from which our Water .01 color came from is consists of seven color families simply named Air, Grain, Leaf, Water, Stone, Clay and Petal. Their 40-hue color palette is a reflection of the colors that surround us in the natural world, and it's a diverse, natural collection that would serve a lot of different design concepts and ideas. Yolo Colorhouse has jumped right up to the top of our list as one of our favorite eco-friendly paint brands.

The Earth's Color Collection

Here's another cool thing that YOLO Colorhouse does: host Color Parties! Right now YOLO Colorhouse is looking for people in and around the Union, New Jersey area to host a color party. You'd need to choose one room in your home to be painted (walls only). YOLO then hires a local contractor to paint the room while you invite 10 of your friends to view the transformation! A YOLO rep will provide light refreshments and wine and share more about the company, and each of your friends will leave with a color fan deck, brochures, and special paint purchase offer... and you get a free painted room! We would totally have done this ourselves if we'd been allowed to paint.

If you're interested in hosting a Color Party, email YOLO email YOLO with photographs of the room you want painted as well as your interest in hosting a color party.

Check out YOLO Colorhouse's website for more information on this terrific company, and click here for your nearest retail location.

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Photos: Cambria Bold

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