We’re Seeing the TV Test Pattern on Everything

Have you ever found yourself searching endlessly for just the right plates to complete your table settings? You search every store high and low for plates that are just your style. But as plate-less days go by, you find yourself in desperate need of something, anything to be a “just for now” dinner plate. Luckily for you, it’s becoming trendy to put an “in the meantime” TV test pattern on everything for the home.

It’s funny how the TV test pattern that we know as the universal symbol for “there’s nothing to see here” is finding itself adorned on to every surface possible, implying that we actually should be staring at the colorful bars. Is it ironic? It depends on if you ask Alanis Morissette. But in any case, we love seeing this cool stuff graced with TV broadcast color bars:

  • “Off the Air” Plates are supposed to encourage you to turn off the TV while you eat. They’re $10 for each 11″ melamine plate. (Via DVICE)
  • The Stained Glass Test Card Window is the clever little brainchild of self-proclaimed TV/Video production guru Peter Roof. (Via Make)
  • Relive the days of falling asleep with the TV test pattern on the screen with a test card pillowcase. It’s £43 ($66) from FunktionAlley.com.
  • Don’t know what to wear? Display it proudly with the Test Card Sweater Vest. It says “my wardrobe is active, but no program is being broadcast.” (Also a great find for your next Ugly Sweater Party!)
  • Manage your time with a test-card-inspired clock. With a face that reads “One Moment Please,” you’ll remember to take a few seconds every day to collect your thoughts.