Test Your Memory with Sidewalk Simon

Test Your Memory with Sidewalk Simon

Richard Popovic
Jul 12, 2012

For those of us of a certain age, the classic electronic game Simon probably brings back some fond memories. Released when handheld games with flashing lights and robotic noises were still a novelty, it was immensely popular in my schoolyard. My friends and I used to love to recreate the commercial, each pretending we were the genius kid who finally beat the machine. Finding an original Simon game these days requires a visit to eBay, but here is an easy way to introduce it to a new generation.

The concept of the original Simon was a take on Simon Says. A sequence of colored lights flashed, which the player had to imitate by tapping each light in the correct order. As the game progressed, things sped up and the sequences got longer, until it was a blur of sound, lights and frantic hands. Toddler Approved has found a way to bring that excitement into today's world, ironically by going low-tech. Using sidewalk chalk to recreate a Simon-esque game board, a child stands in the middle and has to jump to each color as they are called out, with each correct jump adding one more color to the sequence.

As you can imagine, this game not only improves memory and teaches colors--it provides a nice bit of exercise as well.

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(Images: Toddler Approved. Via: The Crafty Crow)

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