TeuxDeux: A Paperless To-Do List App from swissmiss

TeuxDeux: A Paperless To-Do List App from swissmiss

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Dec 15, 2009

We're one of those people that loves a good To-Do list. There's something so satisfying about having tasks laid out in front of you, and then crossing them out one by one. So, we got pretty excited about this new, paperless browser-based application called TeuxDeux designed by FictiveKin and swissmiss. TeuxDeux lets you see the entire week in front of you and what day of the week you're on. Type in your tasks and cross them out when you're done (so satisfying!) or delete them if you want to keep your list clutter-free.

Didn't get something done that day? No worries. TeuxDeux automatically moves it to the next day, or you can just drag it over there yourself.

Perhaps our favorite feature is the "Someday" section—prefect for jotting down notes, thoughts, things that need to be done at some point in the future. You can take it even further by labeling each of those columns in that section with different project and area headings, like Personal, Work, Family, Email, etc.

There's nothing fancy about this app, which is why we like it. We keep it as a readily accessible bookmark in our toolbar, which works well for us since we basically live in Firefox for most of the day.

Check it out here. Oh, and it's free!

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