Thanks for the support….

Now that the police have all gone (they were extremely nice and *someone* remarked that they were also extremely handsome), we thank you for your kind words.

Fortunately, all the laptops that were stolen were not our primary computers and they didn’t touch our desktops. The police said that our building has a bad history of this type of thing and that there were a large number of break-ins over the weekend in this precinct.

The worst thing is the feeling of unease it gives us (we now need more security – which we HATE) and the loss of SKGR’s backup harddrive that had nearly 10 years of photographs, music and poetry on it. All of that is lost. She even said that she knows it is a virtue not to be too attached to material goods, but it just really hurts.

We had prepared the following post over the weekend, which we will now post. We will then be back tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can visit AT:Los Angeles, AT:Chicago, AT:San Francisco and even a little bit of AT: The Kitchen.