That Dress Would Look Even Better…On My Walls

That Dress Would Look Even Better…On My Walls

Tess Wilson
Apr 13, 2012

When I'm supposed to be hard at work on articles for Apartment Therapy, sometimes my attention accidentally drifts over to my favorite fashion blog, where celebrities' outfits are critiqued with love and smarts by the two coolest girls in school. There are a lot of clothes they love, and a lot of clothes they hate, and a lot of clothes they hate but would love as wallpaper. Let's have a closer look...

Go Fug Yourself is a delight forever, perhaps the only fashion blog that references the His Dark Materials trilogy and going full Zbornack with equal ease and affection. Jessica and Heather know their fashion, but would you let them decorate your house? (I totally would, if only so I could hang out with them.)

  • Let's start with the always adorable Mila Kunis. The Fug Girls had this to say about her dress: "I think this is charming, and I also think it would make amazing wallpaper. Some people think those facts are mutually exclusive." I have to say — I would love to own this dress, and I would love to own that wallpaper. Maybe in the bathroom? As wallpaper it would be sexy and dark but with enough light to keep it fresh, and it would be even better if you could color it in over the years.

  • Go Fug Yourself loves Rihanna, but had to come down against this particular outfit (jumpsuit?). But they comforted her by saying, "Does it ease the burn if I mention that I am truly sincere in wanting that pattern as a wallpaper?" I would like it as a duvet cover- what do you think?

  • Amy Smart wore a floral dress which prompted this amazing critique: "On one hand, this would make for the most fabulous wallpaper in a fantastically dramatic 1980s-style powder room, which would be best used for staring at your reflection in the mirror and saying things like, 'he will pay. Oh, yes. He will pay. Now, where did I put my giant bottle of Obsession??' On the other, it's not on her walls, it's on her body." I basically have this pattern as curtains right now, the one spot of dark/pattern that adds a little drama to my airy/grey/white apartment. Kind of crazy, I know, but it works...just maybe not as a dress.

  • Would the fabric of Lily Collins' dress work anywhere? "Well, I certainly can't complain that Lily Collins here is afraid of color...But I'm not sold on this exact combination of them..I'm just not convinced they're a fit for anything but a very old landscape painting hanging in the Louvre somewhere." I tend to agree — I like my colors nice and clean — but I have to think this would make the comforter or curtains (or both) of someone's dreams. Yours, perhaps?

  • I can't imagine Leighton Meester's fabric of choice working in anyone's home, but perhaps that's a failure of imagination: "It's not just the dress. It's the red metallic leggings with paisley lace creeping down them like a rare and woeful skin disease, all of which contribute to Leighton looking like she's wearing a matador's living-room wallpaper." How fun would it be to decorate a matador's home?! Do you secretly want this in your home, too?

  • Finally, I had to share Jessica Szohr's sack-dress because "I don't know about you.....but I liked this better when it was the sofa in my grandma's rec room." Exactly, except my grandma's was blue and green.

(All images and quotes from Go Fug Yourself)

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