The 10 Commandments of a Clean & Happy Closet

published Nov 28, 2017
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It’s way too easy to let closets get out of control. After all, you can just close the door on the mess. But whether you’re getting something out or putting something away, being greeted by an orderly closet is an instant mood booster. Not to mention you actually know where stuff is can get to it! Here are ten strong suggestions for how to keep your closet in check.

Thou shalt have a place to put donations

Keep a small laundry basket or even a paper bag in your closet to toss in clothes that don’t make you feel great.

Thou shalt have a place for clothes that can be worn again

No draping them on chairs or dropping them on the floor. Check out Wardrobe Purgatory: Where to Store Your Worn (But Not Dirty) Clothes for solutions.

Thou shalt have a place for everything

Everything you keep in your closet must have a designated spot — and must be put away there.

Remember to containerize

Non-daily handbags, seasonal shoes, or extra bedding make a closet look cluttered if they’re just put willy-nilly on shelves. Store them in uniform bins instead.

Thou shalt not forget to vacuum

Treat your closet just like another room that needs to be cleaned. That means regular vacuuming.

Remember the hamper and use it

Put a hamper in your closet so that dirty clothes get put where they belong without being in any sort of holding pattern. I like to use a sorting hamper.

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Thou shalt put hanging clothes in order

Whether it’s color order, by category, or by length, having your hanging clothes organized means you know where to find exactly what you want — and where to put it away. And it looks good, too.

Honor thy floor

And keep it empty. Make a “nothing on the floor” rule and you’ll never have to sort through piles of clothes in the closet again.

Thou shalt use one kind of hanger

A hodge-podge of hangers makes for a cluttered-looking closet. Use coordinated hangers (and best if they’re simple and easy to find for when you need to purchase more).

Thou shalt use the back of the door

Whether you use it to store shoes or robes, make use of the storage space on the back of your closet door.