The 2008 Green Awards

Jill Salisbury – designer and founder of el: Environmental Language – is leading the green furniture movement here in Chicago. Last year, AT:Chicago interviewed her and learned a lot about what to look for in green design.

Bil Becker – CEO of Aerotecture International – invented a quiet, propeller-free wind turbine that’s safe for birds.

Doug Farr – architect and designer of the platinum LEED certified Center for Green Technology – is designing Illinois’ first zero net energy home in Ravenswood. Unlike other local green homes, it will be 100% off the grid, using no net withdrawal from Chicago’s power systems.

Naomi Davis – attorney and founder of Blacks in Green – is working to convert underserved land on Chicago’s South Side into a mixed-income eco development.

Florian Pfahler – owner of Hannah’s Bretzel eco cafes – is reducing waste in carry out food by using local ingredients and replacing disposable utensils and cups with biodegradable alternatives.

The preview shown above is from “Before Spring,” a film featuring interviews with these five luminaries. Look for it at the Chicago Green Festival at Navy Pier on May 17th.

Originally posted by Sarah on AT:Chicago.