The Goodweave Rug Sourcebook: Good Ethics, Good News

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

At Re-Nest, we love seeing the many ways the interior design community supports sustainable practices on local, national and global scale. So when we got word that Rugmark USA just debuted its Goodweave Rug Sourcebook, we were thrilled to see another of the design community’s commitments—ending child labor—come into play.

The book, created as a source for designers, features more than 70 North American rug companies with Rugmark USA’s Goodweave label, indicating that their products are 100 percent free and clear of child labor. “Even though many of us don’t realize it, we as designers have a choice to make every time we recommend a rug to a client: will we fight child labor or will we support it?” writes NYC-based interior designer and RugMark USA board member Betty Wasserman in the Sourcebook‘s introductory remarks. “i’ve been a designer for nearly 15 years, and I’m still amazed at how easy, and yet so incredibly powerful, that choice is.”

Among the featured companies with adult-only looms are Asha Carpets, Carini Lang, Emma Gardner Design, Madeline Weinrib Atelier and Odegard, Inc. To these and the many more compiled for the book—all with gorgeous, hand-created and ethically produced rugs—we give a hearty bravo.

Side note: the guidebook was mailed gratis to more than 1,000 North American designers when it was released. If you’re a designer and would like to receive a free copy, email

(Image: RugMark USA)