The 4 Commandments to Decorating More Confidently

The 4 Commandments to Decorating More Confidently

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 3, 2015

Love to decorate your home but feel like you are on the too-meek side sometimes? Or that you’re not quite taking chances like you could? Love to give advice but feel very not-confident when it comes to decorating your own home? Pay attention to the four most important commandments of decorating more confidently.

Dare to make mistakes

Fear's an insistent, awful thing. It can get in the way of the best of plans. It can make you think the future will be worse than it will be. It can keep you from having the best home you can have. So forget all about fear. Assume that making mistakes will happen, just like getting some stuff right will happen. Know you'll be able to handle any mishaps (or at the very least know who to call). Take the pressure off. You'll gain confidence by simply allowing yourself to make mistakes (and hit some design home runs!).

Dare to do something “not you”

Chances are you have an idea of items, styles, patterns and colors that are "you." That fit your idea of who you are. That fit the idea of the kind of style you like. Want to design more confidently? Forget you have any idea of what you like. Banish any rules you may have made for yourself. And just start gravitating toward things you like in the moment. They may just be things that you like for the long-run (and become a part of your style after all!).

Never apologize

You don't owe anyone an explanation for anything you do in your home (I mean unless you want to do something major and your city requires permits, of course). But in general, you don't have to explain why you want to take a Sharpie to the walls of your entryway hallway. You don't have to explain converting an extra bedroom into your own personal closet. And you sure as heck shouldn't be apologizing to anyone about anything as they walk through your home.

Stop looking at so much inspiration

We can all sometimes get addicted to validation. The need and desire to know if we're "doing it right." What is right? What is it? Want to know the best way to design more confidently? Make design decisions, and then have the guts to not look for your ideas in any inspiration seen before. Dare to not worry about whether someone's done it before. Give yourself permission to try something new.

What are you most important rules for designing confidently? Let us know!

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