The $4 Solar Battery Charger DIY

The $4 Solar Battery Charger DIY

With the weather up north being what it is lately, we have been thinking a lot about backup solutions for power. Since we never know when we might lose power, we try to have all of our battery powered devices fully charged, with alternate charging mechanisms at the ready. Some of these mechanisms include generators, crank powered tech and solar chargers. Of course there is usually quite a chunk of change associated with these backup solutions so we were rather thrilled when we discovered this solar battery charger DIY project which costs a whopping $4 to make.

Instructables user JoshuaZimmerman created this solar battery charging device for $4 by using easy to find parts like Tupperware-like containers.

The project takes about 20-30 minutes to make and is rated as an easy project. To make this project you will need the aforementioned container, AA battery holder, 1 or 2 solar panels rated 4 volts or above, and a blocking diode. The tools that are required are a soldering iron, solder, tape, safety goggles, and some wire.

With the small amount of time and money that this project needs we think it is definitely something worth doing even if it will only charge AA batteries.

Check out the post on Instructables, for the DIY instructions.

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(Image: Instructables User JoshuaZimmerman licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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