The 4 Stages of a Decor Fail (& How To Get Better Results Next Time)

The 4 Stages of a Decor Fail (& How To Get Better Results Next Time)

Jennifer Hunter
May 10, 2015
(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

Did your DIY crash and burn? Really messed up a makeover? If you failed at something recently, good for you! You're that much closer to a big win. Here's how to spot your setback and wind up better than ever.

Know when to give up

If something is beyond saving, accept it. Don't waste any more time or resources into a sinking ship. Sure, letting go of any project you had high hopes for is heartbreaking, but even worse is wasting energy by not knowing when to throw in the towel.

Allow yourself a pout period

Failure sucks, no doubt about it. It's fine to feel annoyed or bad when something doesn't work out, but don't let those bad feelings drag you down or stop you from trying. Let yourself feel disappointed for a set period —say a day —and then decide to let it go and move on.

Assess your lessons

You failed, so now you know one thing that definitely does not work. One down. There are many elements to any project so spend some time thinking about what went right and what didn't work. Look at this experience was a tool to help guide you to a better path next time.

Make a plan

Now that you've learned a few things, decide what to do differently next time. You can only salvage value from a failure if you actually use the lessons your learned so don't give up now; you're on the brink! This is the part of the movie with a montage of the protagonist rolling up his sleeves and tackling the big problem. Be the star of your own movie and get going! If we learned anything from Hollywood it's that there is a happy ending for you, we just know it.

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