The 480 Square Foot Hummingbird from Leap Adaptive

Who wouldn’t want to live here or at least visit on weekends? The Hummingbird is a 480 square foot home designed to be conventionally constructed or built from a kit of parts; it’s the “upside of downsizing,” explains design firm Leap Adaptive. It’s not pre-fab but it’s their smallest design yet. The Hummingbird includes an open, airy great room and kitchen, a bedroom suite with a full bath as well as extensive outdoor living space.

Since the design’s outdoor space nearly doubles its square footage, its placement should really be in a temperate climate where its dwellers can utilize ever inch year-round. I’m dreaming of a warm environment near the beach where sunny days are more frequent than cloudy ones.

Available in three different packages, the Hummingbird plans and specifications can be purchased for as little as $995. Or if you’re a DIY’er, you can purchase a DIY Building Kit starting at $54,995. If you’re not up for the task, Leap Adaptive will building the home for you, on your site, for as little as $79,995, which is personally the option I’d pursue.

If I was in the market and looking to build where a home didn’t currently exist, I would totally be into this idea. Tell us, would you?

(Images: Leap Adaptive)