The 5 Best Ways to Reduce Household Trash

The 5 Best Ways to Reduce Household Trash

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 20, 2015

Feel like you're constantly taking out the trash and that your trash bags are a little too full? If your household — whatever its size — wants to reduce the amount of waste it produces, it can be done reasonably and without a ton of drastic changes. There's recycling, of course, but these five straightforward tips can have a measurable impact on reducing the amount of trash you make.


Composting is no longer a chore that only people with gardens and backyards can do. In fact, even city-dwellers in small apartments can compost to reduce the amount of food waste they throw away. You could create your own compost setup in your home today and start cutting down on food wastes.


Getting creative to find ways to reuse the things you buy is one of the best ways at reducing the amount of trash you produce. After all, you won't want to put something in the trash can if you've found a new function for it or made it stylish. Before throwing anything away — any containers or objects — consider Googling or searching Pinterest for ideas on what you can turn it into. You might find yourself not only reducing the amount of trash you make, but also reducing the amount of new things you need to buy!

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Use your own containers

Buying in bulk, using your own reusable shopping bags and even taking your own containers to the grocery (when such things are allowed by the place you shop at) are all small but powerful ways to reduce the amount of trash you make (by not bringing in containers to throw away in the first place. But you should consider the idea of making your own home cleaners, beauty products and more — you might be able to avoid buying containers you'll be trashing in the future by simply refilling the containers you already have with new ingredients.

Invest in quality, reusable things

Though disposable items are certainly convenient, they can produce quite a bit of trash when they fulfill their short life. And cheap objects might seem like the more affordable option when you're on a budget. But investing instead in high-quality, well-made products and objects that will last longer (and can be repaired or maintained) will mean less throwing away of broken or no longer useful objects in the future, significantly decreasing your trash output.

Sell or donate your old stuff

Instead of tossing things you no longer want (and can't for the life of you figure out a way to recycle into something else), look to donating or selling your old, unwanted items rather than just tossing away. This doesn't tend to affect your day-to-day trash making abilities, but it could have a marked impact on the amount of trash you make annually.

What tips or tricks have you figured out that help reduce your household's trash?

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