The 5 Devices that Burn Through Your Power Bill

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Everyone we know is trying to reduce their energy consumption. If it’s not for the sake of the environment, it’s for the sake of their ever-increasing utility bills. Unplugging “vampire” devices that are known to suck energy even when they’re turned off (we’re looking at you, plasma TVs) and choosing energy-efficient appliances are good ways to save some cash. To give you a head start, DVICE rounded up the 5 specific (we’re talking brands, models and sizes, here) “tech toys” that are the worst offenders.

In the market for a vacuum cleaner? How about a gaming console, or a flat screen TV?

Power suckers are all around us. If you’re not careful, you might even drag one into your home from a trip to the electronics store. But if you make sure to steer clear of these 5 devices, you’ll be on your way to energy nirvana:

65-inch Panasonic Viera TH-65VX100U
575 watts (in operation)

Plasma TVs are notorious for being the biggest energy vampires. Choose an LCD, LED or projection model instead.

Origin Genesis Gaming PC
585 watts (in operation)

Gaming PCs are all powerful, this one just happens to be the worst offender. If you don’t need the braun, skip it and buy a more modest device.

Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum
1,400 watts (while on)

Dyson makes stellar vacuums for sure. This one is the most powerful (220 airwatts of suction) and the one that uses the most energy. Pick a different Dyson if you’re just using it to tidy up.

Xbox 360 Elite
165 watts (while playing a game)

Both the XBox 360 and the PS3 use way more energy than the Wii (While on, the Wii only uses about 20 watts).

Life Fitness Platinum Treadmill
2,400 watts (estimated) (in use)

Using an at-home treadmill regularly can be solely responsible for $7 or more on your bill every month. Make running outside part of your save-money plan and use the treadmill only when it’s cold or raining.

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