Want Your Home to Get Clean and Stay Clean? Sharpen These 5 Skills

Want Your Home to Get Clean and Stay Clean? Sharpen These 5 Skills

Adrienne Breaux
May 1, 2015

Getting home clean can be an easy or tough job, but the real trick of enjoying home regularly is getting your home clean and keeping it that way. And that can happen much more easily when you master these five specific skills around the house. You never know - one of these could be the secret to ever-lasting cleanliness for your home!

ABC - Always Be Cleaning

You don't always have to be scrubbing the floor every day, but consider wiping the cabinets after you cook a meal. Giving the shower a swipe after you bathe. Putting the mail up where it belongs after looking at it instead of throwing it on the coffee table and forgetting it. Doing a dish or two when you pass by the sink. In other words, folding small cleaning maneuvers into the natural flow of the day, instead of viewing it as some big, scary thing you have to undertake once a week. Still do thorough cleanings regularly, but because big messes are cut off before they begin, it's much easier to spend that energy on deep cleaning tasks that make home feel fresher than tackling piles of stuff or picking up rooms.

Starting the day by bringing home back to neutral

There is a sweet spot of the home where everything is put back in its right place, the countertops are swiped clean and clothes are put in the dirty hamper or back up where they belong. It's not the perfect ideal — usually the floors could use a vacuum or perhaps the trash taken out — but it's the level of clean that feels most comfortable to you. The kind of picked up that you would be fine if a friend stopped by. Try to get home back to that sweet spot before you go to sleep (or on particularly late nights, before you get going in the morning). You'll find yourself with more energy to enjoy your home more when you're staring at put together spaces, and always doing this step means the home never gets too out of control (which can happen fast in a small space.)

Keeping cleaning supplies right next to the dirtiest spots

Whatever the spots are in your home that seem to get the dirtiest the fastest, be sure and store a few cleaning supplies within reach so you can ABC much easier. Common dirty spot culprits like the bathroom sink can be tamed much faster much more regularly if you've got some cleaning wipes stored right underneath in the cabinet below.

Allowing yourself a few spots to be messy

The pressure of total perfection in every inch of the house could lead to mental self-destruction; no one expects you to keep every spot of your home and life spotless 24/7. So, give yourself a break in a few key places. Maybe a junk drawer (that you still keep a leash on but don't clean out every moment). Maybe some other spot that works for you.

Constantly asking "Do I really need this right now?"

If you love to hold on to things, you could be a classic "I could use this later!" kind of person. If you don't put any limits on yourself, you could end up buying up every design deal you spot or take home every stray furniture piece you find on the side of the road. So, to combat the urge and keep your home less cluttered (and easier to clean), always ask yourself one key question when considering bringing something inside: "Do I really need this?"

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