The 5 Unsung Heroes Of Small Spaces

Small spaces are full of challenges, even though they’re short on square footage. Instead of feeling frustrated, try arming yourself with a few tools that will help you DIY, keep things clean and make your place look the best it can be! See our favorites and add your own, after the jump!

Below are my own unsung heroes of small spaces. They’ve been invaluable in our home and maybe they are in yours. If you have something you love that lends a hand several times a day, make sure to leave us a list in the comments!

1. Old Fabric & Clothes: Clothes from your closet or sheets that have seen better days are great ways to spruce up your small space on a budget. You can make anything from window and chair coverings to pillows or covers for generic storage solutions. The list is endless, but you’re all-star repurposers, so we don’t have to tell you that!

2. White Vinegar: Although there aren’t many who don’t know the vast cleaning power of white vinegar, even though it has a smell straight out of the bottle — somehow it leaves your home fragrance free instead of overwhelming you with perfumes from other cleaners.

3. 3M Fur Fighter: Even though this isn’t exactly the greenest product in the world, we’ve had ours for several years and still haven’t had to buy a refill — and we use it every week! Once we discovered that the sticky sheets can be washed (and fur trapped so it doesn’t all go down the drain) and reused time and time again, we were in love. With two dogs in a small space, this has been our right hand man when it comes to ridding our home of evidence that we’re pet owners (aside from half eaten chew toys).

4. Canning Jars: They can be used to hold food, store food or crafts or even carry your lunch to work. Going further they can hold homemade cleaners or hold office supplies, they work with any decor or home decorating style and always have multiple uses.

5. Metal Pipe: We have a back stock of metal pipe from multiple homes in the past. Small spaces often call for unusual DIY situations like making a prep table in your kitchen to extend counter space or raising your bed an extra few inches. They never fail and call always accommodate your storage

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