The 6 Coolest Photo & Camera Effects Apps for Android

Craving a bit of Hipstamatic or Instagram action for your Android phone, with their cool filters and retro effects, or just want a bit more control over the shots you’re taking? Here are the six best, most stylish photo-editing apps for Android, including everything from a simple Polaroid effect to a veritable photo studio on your phone.

  • Camera 360 – ($3.99) This app has a huge bundle of effects, from night enhancement to lomo to HDR. It even lets you apply a tilt-shift filter. May have some issues after last week’s update.
  • Retro Camera Plus – ($2.99) This app offers 5 cameras and 5 sets of vintage vignetting as well as some physical toy camera effects like film grain and cross-processing.
  • Fast Burst Camera – ($2.87) This app transforms your phone’s camera into a high-speed device, taking 5 to 10 pictures per second or allowing you to capture fast single shots with each tap.
  • Instant Camera – ($0.82) This app doesn’t mess around with a bunch of fancy features, so in that way it’s basically like an actual Polaroid camera. Just point, shoot and receive a neat-looking Polaroid-style pic. If you want a fancier Polaroid-style app, try Roidizer (free).
  • Black and White Toy Camera – ($0.82) This app recreates a Holga style, and similar to the Instant Camera app, offers a stripped-down version that’s close to the real thing.
  • Little Photo Plugin – ($0.99) Lets users customize picture effects to the extreme, offering brightness, contrast, exposure, dodge and burn as well as color balance effects. Contains ads in the pro version.