9 Month Cure: The Bathroom Dilemma

9 Month Cure: The Bathroom Dilemma

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 15, 2006

Time Remaining: 35 days

Our tiny job has been waylaid by our bathroom. For the past two weeks we have been finding ourselves with an ever expanding project as the old tenement bathroom we inherited requires deeper and deeper surgery. It has also pushed the laying of the new floor back. It is also the reason why our posting is light today as we simply have to step up our work on this to get it done in time for the baby.

As our contractor said, when you open up old work you never know what you are going to find. This is what we found.

1. Really sketchy old tile work with concrete on a brick wall.

When the tile was removed and all the demolition done, we found that the old tile had been "mudded" - cheaply and quickly laid in with big pads fo "mud" concrete/plaster. The surface was still so uneven that we have to sheetrock over it all.

2. Termite rotten studs.

Surrounding our bathtub we have a number of studs that were paper thin from an old infestation of termites. They had to be replaced.

3. We ran short on tiles!

Though we measured and counted carefully, it is clear that we are going to be about two boxes short of the tiles we need to wrap around the walls. We just ordered more. Expedited shipping is killing us. $180 just to get them here by Friday so this can be finished!

Our tiles are Capriccio Subway tiles from Anne Sacks. These are the most affordable subway tiles that Sacks sells and very beautiful.

They list for $8.96 a square foot.

4. No easy replacement for our old medicine cabinet.

Our dear old medicine cabinet was going to be kept, but it got so beaten up in the demolition, we opted to replace it. However, we were unable to find a medicine cabinet that matched its 26x19 specifications and which would allow it to recess into the wall. We went on a search and found a new cabinet that WON'T fully recess, but it can partially recess into the new sheet rock:

Robern S2326 Door Cabinet

We found this at Simon's hardware for $242

We also decided to go with side sconces:

Motiv - Sine Single Light

We found this at Simon's for $111 each

In conclusion, the incredible amount of time it takes to watch the apartment, troubleshoot problems and pull together resources within a short timeframe is a very sobering task. Regardless of how big or small a room is, we have found that the problems all take the same amount of time. Only the amounts and the money spent on materials is different.

Now we need to go catch a late lunch.....

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