The 9 Month Cure: Cozy at 6 Months

The 9 Month Cure: Cozy at 6 Months

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 6, 2007

Time Beginning: 6 Months & 8 days

We took this picture last weekend during nap time. If anyone wondered how our small family were doing in our small apartment, the answer is just fine. Or fine now, we should say. Up until about three weeks ago, we were sleep deprived and ghostlike due to four months of cumulative sleep deprivation...

A baby crying in a small space is really a tough thing, and we spent our nights gettting her to "go back down" so as not to disturb the neighbors (and ourselves), which only worsened the problem as she got used to our attentions.

There were some desperate moments. The Cosco portable crib above was purchased one evening by Sara Kate in a fit while I was gone for one weekend after I'd promised to "design" and "build" a crib but not get around to it. Ursula was growing so fast that the moses basket was done.

Then we went to sleep camp. Armed with a number of sleep books, but really using Dr. Ferber, we went out to our family's house in Springs for five days and got to work. Putting her to sleep earlier and allowing her to cry for increasing intervals an AMAZING thing happened: after one night of crying, she began to sleep through the night, like the WHOLE night, like from 8pm to 7am.

It has changed our lives.

Returning to the city we've now been totally comfortable again in our small apartment. Ursula goes down for two naps a day and falls asleep HARD at 8pm every night. We've even had friends over for dinner and played music in the next room and not woken her. A baby's sleep is deliciously deep.

Outside of the sleep training, a small apartment is really a very nice place to be with a baby. It is cozy, warm and nothing is ever far away. And a baby of this age can't move herself around, so it's really nice to never have her far away.

But, this is still a temporary comfort. We expect that by September when Ursula begins to crawl around that we will need a new arrangement, so we're working on it.

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