The About Time Clock: Moves Around to Tell You the Time

The About Time Clock: Moves Around to Tell You the Time

Range Govindan
Apr 23, 2009

Have you ever thought that your life was a bit too planned out? In our modern connected lives, it's hard not to be around a clock of some fashion, from the one on your wrist, to the one on your cellphone, laptop and computer. Time is always present in some fashion. It's easy to get stressed about it. That's why we thought that the About Time clock might solve some of these issues by making time relative again. Once you are no longer counting the minutes, time flies by.

This incredible clock was designed by Sander Mulder and it doesn't have any moving hands or dials. Now, you might wonder how anyone could tell the time with a thing like this. This is the really cool part. The clock actually moves around so that it always displays the right time on the bottom. The hours are spelled out in one long continuous sentence. This kind of makes me think of sundials for some reason. The actual design is intended to get a reaction out of our daily stressed lives, which are usually planned out to the minute. Another great thing is that this clock tells you the time in a fun relative way. It will say 'it's about six o'clock' or 'it's about seven now', making it something pretty nifty to have around.

The About Time clock looks big, but it can fit on your desk. It's constant but slow motion might relax you while you watch it. It will stop compulsive time checkers from always checking their watches, that's for sure. We think that this is one neat clock. It's great when time is relative and not that important. I have to agree that we do live too stressed out lives. This clock is a good way of taking a few moments off the daily rat race. [via Core77]

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