The Aesthetics of Rust: Metal, Water & Oxidation In The Home

The Aesthetics of Rust: Metal, Water & Oxidation In The Home

Nov 9, 2010
(Welcome to Diana, who's trying out for a spot on our editorial team. Enjoy!)

As a photographer, my lens gravitates toward rust. I can't help but marvel at the accidental artistry that results when weather and oxygen attack metal, turning it a vibrant orange. It was only a matter of time before taking photographs of rust was going to become unsatisfactory and that I would have to have the actual thing in my home. Next time you take a drive through the country or even though a former Industrial area, take notice! Rust is all around you and it need not be meant for the scrapyard.

Shown above the jump, from left to right

1 Rusty bike gears sit atop a pile of found objects along the beach. This kind of collecting is good for both your wallet (it's free) and the beach (it's cleaner).
2 Rust eroding the corrugated metal on the outside of a barn. Not ideal for the farmer, but it's a beautiful sight to people who appreciate the beauty of rust.
3 As a photographer, I seek out rust for the purpose of making fine art. Rust is a great metaphor for nature battling industry and I am consistently dazzled by how beautiful this slow battle can be.
4 A rusty lantern from a market stall in Marrakech, Morocco.
5 Closer to home and available by web order from RE: Found Objects in Corbridge, England are wonderful cut-out shapes and letters from rusted, repurposed metal.

Thanks, Diana!

(Images: Diana Pappas)

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