The Aftermath of a Break-up: Dividing Furniture

The Aftermath of a Break-up: Dividing Furniture

Gregory Han
Jun 19, 2008

This is sort of a flipside of Grace's past post about moving in together. A friend recently discussed their painful memory of breaking hard it was to divide the physical possessions of a life once drawn out as a partnership. Who gets the couch that you and your once love of your life picked out together? Who gets to keep the apartment you rented equally? How do you divide these belongings equitably?

Fortunately for Californians, the law is fairly simple for married couples to divide their belongings equally (at least from a monetary perspective). But how about couples who've lived together but are not married?

We've been kicked out of our own home by an ex (actually, twice by the same person at different dwellings) and we've experienced an fairly painless division of furnishings, while at other times come out nearly empty handed in the process (hey, just an excuse to start anew with decor and furnishings, right?). To be honest, nobody "wins" in the process of breaking up. But is there something amongst your furnishings you've remained adamant of keeping when you've parted ways? And how did you come to a resolution?

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