The Airplane Feeding Goes Sterling

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Resorting to the classic airplane technique at feeding time? Now you can do it in style with the Sterling Silver Baby Airplane Spoon from

Mother and graphic designer, Debbie Moseley, founded little Jewels in 1999. Along with sterling silver keepsakes, you’ll find a unique variety of diaper bags. Debbie creates each piece in the line herself, making them one of a kind. The Sterling Silver Dragonfly Spoon is another option we’re fond of.

We realize the whole notion of the gifty silver spoon is a bit pricey and in many ways impractical. Even when it comes wrapped in a Tiffany blue box, it’s still never been our favorite choice for a meaningful shower gift. But a spoon with the airplane already built in? This is too hard to resist. All you need to provide are the sound effects.