The Airstream Next Door

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As soon as I saw this picture over on Dwell magazine’s homepage, I thought, “I know that airstream.” I know it, because it’s our neighbor! We’ve been curious about Andreas Stavropoulos’ airstream for awhile now, so seeing it on finally satisfied our curiosity.

The airstream that Stavropoulos currently lives in in Berkeley, Ca has a fascinating story behind it (one that includes Craigslist, a sculpture studio, and a horse ranch). Using just 150 square-feet, he was able to design a clean, beautiful home.

The greenness of this airstream lies mostly in the size, but Stavropoulos also used cork flooring, and did all of the work on the trailer himself.

See the slideshow here. Read about the transformation here.

Images: Mark Compton