"The A-Line" Casting Call: Our New Video Series

"The A-Line" Casting Call: Our New Video Series

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 8, 2013

We've completed shooting and editing the first three episodes of our new video series, "The A-Line," co-produced with Scripps Interactive's new video hub Ulive.com, and now we're looking for our final six homes. I'd like to personally invite you to join us. We want you to pitch your own apartment and a neighbor's (above or below, with the same floor plan) to help us share the fascinating drama of what it's like to walk into another home that's exactly the same and yet so different. To help you out, we're offering a star turn on both Apartment Therapy and Ulive.com, as well as personal "apartment therapy" from me where needed and $500 to get the job done. If you have a great story to tell, read on below!

Best, Maxwell

• The What:

Two homes, one floor plan. Apartment Therapy's Maxwell Ryan travels up a singular line of an apartment complex, introducing us to the families that live there - who they are, and how they choose to use the same space in different ways.

Each episode will feature two apartments. We begin with some wide exterior shots of the building and the street leading up to the front door, and Maxwell's introduction to the episode in voiceover. Then we zoom from the street into apartment #1 - and family #1. Maxwell asks our host questions and brings us on a tour of the apartment — favorite rooms, use of wall space, arrangement of furniture. Then we head up to apartment #2 and meet family #2 — and see the whole thing again, using the same camera angles, so that we see how they have arranged the exact same space in a different way.

The goal here is not to juxtapose "good use of space" to "bad use of space," but rather to delve into Maxwell's concept that how you arrange your home should reflect how you want to live your life. So capturing each home's authentic "spirit" is key. A writer writing at her desk, juxtaposed with a shot of that same room a few floors below where a child is playing or a family is having dinner, is the shot that will end each episode. We are looking for a "This American Life" - documentary style feel, with an emphasis on design driven by the unique personalities of real people.

  • Our Gift to You & Your Neighbor:

Think of this as the way you lure in your shy neighbors. We see this as a unique opportunity to spend a day in your home, and we want to thank you for it and make the most of it. Aside from being featured in our video series across Ulive.com and Apartment Therapy (actors take note), Maxwell will be on hand with you for the day to give you the help you need in the room you need it most. Got some nagging design questions? Maxwell will solve them. In addition, to give your home a boost, we're going to leave you with $500 per apartment to buy, paint or fix something that you've been dying to get to, but haven't yet. So, paper your neighbor's doors above and below with this offer and see who comes running first. :)

• The Stars:

YOU! Do you live in NYC and have an apartment you are proud of? Do you live in a building that has someone else in your line (i.e. with the same floor plan, above or below you - but not necessarily directly above or below) who would also be excited to be in our show? The goal is to get deep into the life of each building, so the more apartments in your line, the better!

• The How:

We have 3 shoot dates lined up in early August. Each apartment should be available for a full day of shooting. Please submit a short bio of your home and its inhabitants with at least two pictures of your space (and your neighbor's space with the same floor plan!) in the form below by Monday, July 15 (earlier is appreciated!). Only submit if you know there is at least one other apartment in your "line" with the same floorplan who is willing and interested in being on our show!

(Images: Apartment Therapy House Tours and A-Line Video)

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