How Are You Spending the Friday After Thanksgiving?

How Are You Spending the Friday After Thanksgiving?

Range Govindan
Nov 26, 2010

Even though it's Black Friday and people are busting down the doors to buy the latest tech deals from big box electronics stores, I'm spending the time at home. I won't be buying anything today and while this isn't a possibility for everyone, I find that opting out of consumerism is a nice way to spend the holidays.

The most common things that I buy are usually art supplies and books. I do buy tech, but take a while before upgrading or changing it. The main reason is my lifestyle: I don't have a TV and basically use my computer for my entertainment needs. Our place is furnished and we actually asked our landlord to remove the TV. We installed shelving for books, as well as a secondary workstation in the living room instead. I also tend to buy big ticket items in cash, instead of on credit. It stops me from impulse buys.

1. Spending Time Offline
There's nothing quite like spending time completely offline, without checking your Facebook, your RSS feeds, your email, and other things that you usually check up on frequently throughout the day. While some people like to be informed instantly of emails, texts, etc, I prefer to take a media fast from time to time. Constant updates and social networking can be seen as an electronic leash. My work is related to my email, so when I don't check it, it means that I have time off.

2. Watching Movies With Your Family
Spending time with your family is always nice. Watching movies together is something that almost everyone used to do when they were younger. It's fun to do so again, especially if you end up snuggling on the couch with your significant other.

3. Reading A Book
I'm a voracious reader, and can read easily read a book a week. That gets expensive and my books take up a lot of space. (Since I don't believe in ebooks. I prefer hardcover books and paperbacks.) I tend to buy hardcover books quite often. When you're not watching something or checking up on things, simply reading a book opens up your imagination in a way that's impossible to duplicate with movies and TV shows.

4. Creating Some Art and Cooking A Nice Meal
We are all very busy people, and it's safe to say that everyone deserves real home-cooked meals. Busy people tend to eat out a lot, that's why taking the time to cook something nice at home is always a welcome change. The holidays also mean free time, which is a great opportunity to create some art. I find that children of all ages enjoy drawing, coloring, and creating stuff by themselves.

5. Taking Photos
Whether it's snapping some photos of your loved ones, or you're just taking along your camera on a pleasant afternoon walk, taking photos is always nice. You can always erase them if they're not good.

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