The Apartment Therapy Team's ICFF Wishlist

The Apartment Therapy Team's ICFF Wishlist

Janel Laban
May 19, 2011

atteamicff251911.jpgAttending ICFF has become an annual event for me and just like any other anticipated "holiday", it is with a mixture of excitement, anticipation and just a tinge of concern (will it be as good as last year?) that I arrive at the Javits. The other constant is that I'm part of a crew — a big team of us hit the show and we generally have a post-game wrapup of our favorites; the things we'd take home if we could. This year, I'm sharing our wishlist with everyone...


maxwell_gillingham-ryan.jpg Maxwell, Founder/CEO: My favorite thing and most remarkable design in my book was the Obus by Joby. This thing absolutely KILLS the Candela from a few years ago, which I loved so much. It's LED driven so that it requires very little power and runs for a LONG time. It's two lights in one: a directional flashlight and an ambient globe. It's movable as it comes off it's base AND can go outside where it's totally weatherproof (not just a light mist, but a heavy rain).

mw41911.jpg Annie, Contributor: My personal favorite find at ICFF this year was the azalea velvet Mayweather Sofa at Khouri Guzman Bunce Limited. I actually gasped when I saw it. In ordering upholstered goods for interiors, I spend a lot of time communicating with vendors trying to rework designs to exclude standard tufting, because when done in grid-like swathes with big buttons and lots of topographical padding, it can look pretty dated. In this piece, the tufting was the main attraction - it forms interesting geometric shapes in small segments, and is only on the seat back surface. The velvet upholstery highlights the detail by reflecting light and creating shadow, and the color saturation adds interest to the simpler areas of the sofa without being dark enough to hide those bold lines. Stunning!

lukeirwin51911.jpgCambria, Managing Editor, Re-Nest: My favorite from the show was the Ikat rug collection from Luke Irwin. I'm a total rug nut, since I tend to favor pieces that have the ability to define a room. These rugs certainly fall into that category, with their gorgeous, vibrant mix of colors and oversize, abstract patterns. I feel like it's a bit naughty, actually: your room could wear this and nothing else!

ma51911.jpg Mariel, Sr. Sales Associate: MASHStudios has a new line of Furniture called the PCH series, which I loved! The furniture is treated weathered solid teak with wood grain-patterned aluminum drawers. There were about 5 different designs of this model series and they were all customizable...and who doesn't want that! Take a look at the image I attached. It's a beaut, no? I loved the contrast between the aluminum and the teak and how the silver finish stood out of the furniture. It's also such a clean look that can go well with so many spaces. I'm a fan!

snowglobal51911.jpg Abby, Contributor: I was really moved by the vases and snow globes that Neil Conley designed. more art than functional household item, the message is so poignant and so delicately conveyed.

mat51911.jpg Mat, Contributor: My wishlist pick is from an Austrian company with roots in traditional silver manufacturing, Wiener Silber recreates classic pieces and collaborates with contemporary designers on innovative new works. I especially love the cutlery designed by Thomas Feichtner, with its folded, angular form.

mu51911.jpg Sarah, Marketplace Editor: My favorite was the 'Folded' porcelain tile by Raw Edges for Mutina at the Stone Source Booth. I'm a tile junkie, and this is a showstopper. Made from porcelain, it looks and feels like folded paper - the material draws you in and you can't help but touch it. It comes in 6 different folded patterns, which you can use in one continuous pattern or mix together in different combinations.

ottoman51911.jpg Carrie, Managing Editor, Ohdeedoh: It's not every day I get excited by an ottoman, but the Oliver is not only handsome but both functional and flexible in a small home. I could see using it as a coffee table with a tray, as a footrest, an extra seat for a guest and especially to stash away toys, extra blankets or my gold doubloons. It's also built by hand in the USA.

pencil51911.jpg Chris, Sales Director: I love the new Moleskine pencils. I have to admit that I was a skeptic: how the classic Moleskine notebook serve as the inspiration for an entire line? Yet, it really works. These pencils are my favorite, they clip to the cover of any Moleskine notebook. The storage panel looks great for work travel -- it keeps a bunch of gadgets and cords organized and you can move it from your suitcase to your messenger bag. It's made to work with the Moleskine line, but would work well with most any bag.

desk51911.jpg Gregory, Managing Editor, Unplggd: Wandering ICFF there were plenty of desks to admire, but none seemed more thoughtfully designed for everyday use than these Tools at Schools classroom prototypes from The School at Columbia University. Maybe it was because the kids presenting at ICFF exuded a contagious enthusiasm for their ideas and answered all of questions assuredly, but we left amazed 8th graders helped design these desk/chairs from the point of conception all the way to prototyping, each design carefully addressing common storage and utility issues specific to students, all with deft aesthetic execution. I'd award these kids a report card of A+!

tipton51911.jpg Janel (me!) , Executive Editor, Apartment Therapy: I love the Tip Ton by Barber Osgerby for Vitra. I first saw (and tried out) this chair in Milan during Salone and couldn't get it out of my mind. Seeing it again in NYC sealed the deal. Smart, stackable, stylish, colorful, light, long-wearing and really, so super comfortable — it covers all the bases of what you want out of an affordable, casual chair. And, getting to hear the story behind the design (in a nutshell: developed for use by school kids, based on a thorough review of student seating in England over the years) directly from the very intelligent and charmingly-accented designers Ed Barber and Jay Osgerby certainly added to the appeal. Definitely on my wishlist — I see a Tip Ton or two in my future!

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