The Bang & Olufsen Designed Asus Laptop

The Bang & Olufsen Designed Asus Laptop

Range Govindan
Jan 20, 2010

Even though we wouldn't call this monster a laptop per se, it still can be transported around, from room to room, or in a larger bag if you really need to. However, it's true that a lot of people's laptops rarely move from home. This laptop exploits this fact.

It's kind of hard to call this 18.4-inch monster a laptop, but it is and you can be our guest and try to lug it around for a few days. We've lugged around a few laptops, but the saying goes that the smaller they are, the lighter they are to carry around. Then again, this thing isn't really meant to be carried around.

The Bang & Olufsen-designed Asus laptop is made to be moved, at most, from room to room, which is why it's so big. It kind of reminds us of those old Alienware ginormous laptops. Bang & Olufsen created a sleek aluminum design, which includes some trademark B&O touches like dual touchpads for some reason. These touchpads allow users to use both of their hands on them, which means that more gestures and actions might be possible. Sounds interesting, but we wonder why they didn't just make a bigger touchpad, something like one touchpad to rule all other touchpads.

The 18.4-inch screen is flanked by B&O speakers, which when coupled with the hardware inside the box, make this an interesting computer for people who never take their laptops out of their home. That might sound strange, but there are quite a few people who never take their laptops with them. Like with anything branded B&O, we expect this to be very expensive, but the concept is interesting. Would you purchase a bigger laptop just to leave at home?

[via Designboom]

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