The Beautiful Black & White Home Theater

The Beautiful Black & White Home Theater

Gregory Han
May 24, 2011

Being a Californian, we've always been stricken with a little bit of envy for other regional areas where homes offer basements as a common feature. Due to their limited ambient light environments, basements often make for the ideal home theater space, as illustrated in a recent issue of the Swedish edition of Home Theater magazine, by way of Minhembio. What was once a common den was converted into a cinephile's dream space, complete with a 108" projection screen and acoustic paneling to control the audio. There's even a standing desk HTPC in the back section to control the premium entertainment system.

Although purists would argue painting the majority of the room white isn't ideal (and it is true if the best image is what you're after due to the reflective quality of white walls), we love the overall effect of the white walls partnered up with the dark back wall and matching carpeting from an aesthetic standpoint. Even the placement of the acoustic paneling and accompanying black and white canvas artwork gives the whole space a unified presentation often lacking in most hodge podge home theater setups that give home theaters a bad name, offering an overall airy and spacious atmosphere, even though the setup resides within the confines of a basement.

More details about this basement home theater over at Min Hembio.

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