The Beautiful Mobiles of Miranda Watkins

The Beautiful Mobiles of Miranda Watkins

Gregory Han
Oct 23, 2009

Since childhood we've always retain a love for mobiles and the graphical motion they bring into any space overhead. But in the case of Miranda Watkins' mobiles, the appeal of mobile creations isn't just visual, as we not only admire the stainless steel wireframe shapes for their rotational aesthetics, but also because it has inspired a solution for a problem that's been bothering us...

Miranda Watkins' mobiles have sparked an inspiration of designing an indoor television antenna in this sort of shape. We're not sure it would actually be effective in pulling down HD broadcasts, but since cutting the cable, we've been trying to find a way to watch over-the-air broadcasts without the need to put up an ugly antenna indoors or out. Miranda's mobiles are beautiful sculptures, but they also remind us of a purified form of the regular old style aerial antenna. How amazing would it be to hang something like this instead of the typical antenna indoors? Now we just need to figure a feasible DIY version which can operate as both a decorative feature and a way for us to catch PBS and Lakers games for free (our apartment currently doesn't receive any over the air stations due to a poor location behind a hill).

Anyone with suggestions? Otherwise, just enjoy Miranda Watkins' work simply for the visual beauty they represent and have a wonderful weekend!

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