The Bed Embedded Clock Lets You Check Time Easily

The Bed Embedded Clock Lets You Check Time Easily

Range Govindan
Nov 19, 2009

How many times do you have to get up or glance at a clock while you are in bed? It happens to us quite often, but we simply love this idea of simply putting a clock underneath your bedspread and let your fingers find out the time.

This smart idea comes from Florian Schärfer. The Melted Clock is a haptic, touch sensitive alarm clock, with integrated speakers and controls all embedded into your sheet. Sounds a bit complicated, but parts of this are certainly possible today. There are three control icons on the sheet, as well as others on the side of the sheet. You can tell the time easily by using your hands or your eyes.

If you take this as inspiration, you could easily integrate a glowing clock into your bed. It would have to be quite thin and glow brightly for it to work. Also, you'd need to find a way to make it comfortable. Still, it's possible and we really like the idea of having a clock integrated into our bed. We'd just like to do away with clocks altogether, but they tell us how many more minutes we have before we have to wake up!

This clock uses silicone and electroactive polymer, which is used in artificial muscles, to work. The slat will expand and lift up the silicone. This means that the numbers and the clock are quite soft and won't really bother you too much in bed.

[via Yanko Design]

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