The Benefits of Leaving Your Shoes At The Door

The Benefits of Leaving Your Shoes At The Door

Beth Zeigler
Oct 27, 2009

We realized recently that we have to wash the small rugs around our house quite frequently. It's not because we're obsessed with clean rugs--they just get dirty really fast. We're starting to think about a "no shoes" policy and are rounding up reasons for the switch...

  • Like we said, less washing of rugs which would make us (and our washing machine) much happier.
  • Getting out of the shower and stepping onto a clean rug that hasn't been touched by shoes would feel luxurious (and retain that just washed feeling all the time).
  • While we'd probably sweep the same amount, the piles of dust would probably be reduced drastically.
  • Because we have hardwood floors, wearing shoes indoors makes for a loud evening. We're betting our neighbors who we share a duplex with would be much appreciative of a "shoes off" policy.
  • Even though we're renters, we strive to keep the apartment nice (as if we were the owners). After three years of living in our home, we can see the damage done to the hardwood floors because of high heels worn at parties.
  • Once we get around to removing our shoes at home, it's always a much cozier feeling than wearing shoes.

In addition, if we changed our minds and went "no shoes" in the house, we would do our best to make the change easy on our guests.

  • A trip to the store for guest slippers would be in order.
  • We'd also stock up on a pack of nice socks from Target for company to wear in case their feet get cold.
  • And lastly, we'd inform guests before they stop by so they may prepare in advance (noting the change on an Evite or letting folks know by phone/email).

Have any of our Apartment Therapy readers made this transition recently? How did you go about letting your friends know? Did you notice the benefits immediately?

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