The Best $50 You Can Spend On Your Living Room This Month, According to Design Experts

published Aug 11, 2019
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Even if your house is fully furnished and has every detail set, a design lover will always find a way to tinker with their living room. There’s always an itch to update something, but sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for a massive overhaul.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can refresh the space while still being thrifty. We asked interior design experts what they thought was the best $50 you can spend on your living rooms this month, and their answers were varied and eclectic.

Though their responses ran the gamut from candles to a D.I.Y. project, we have a feeling you’re going to find some shopping inspiration below. Cha-ching!

1. Chill Out With a Candle

“I’m a little obsessed with candles and there’s nothing more inviting in a living space than a pleasant scent. My absolute favorite is the Volcano candle from Anthropologie. The standard size is $30 and it has a burn-time of 85 hours. They also come in Mini and Giant sizes and are outfitted in aesthetically pleasing jars that would complement any decor.” — Amber Guyton, founder of Blessed Little Bungalow

2. Embrace Your Green Thumb

“The best $50 you can spend on your living room this month is either in a can of paint a statement plant. A big Bird of Paradise, anyone?” —Justina Blakeney, interior designer and founder of the Jungalow

“Most living rooms could use more greenery. Introducing even a small house plant creates such a feeling of freshness that is difficult to achieve otherwise. I love how indoor plants provide a subtle variation with all the more structured, inorganic things in our spaces.”—Caitlin Murray, interior designer and founder of Black Lacquer Design,

3. Treat Yourself to a Tray

“We are obsessed with the texture of this rattan coffee table tray. It’s the perfect place to house remotes, candles, and just keep the clutter at bay.” —Ashley Moore, the Founder & Principal Designer of Moore House Interiors

4. Create a Kodak Moment

“August is generally a time to wrap up summer fun and get serious for the fall. Instead of being upset that summer is almost over, commemorate your memories with a framed photo of a special moment. Framebridge makes it incredibly easy to highlight any Instagram photo in a custom-built frame, perfect for that small wall you’ve been struggling with or as the start of a gallery wall.” —Alessandra Wood, interior design expert and vice president of Modsy

5. Purchase Some Pillows

“A living room must are pillows for your sofa. I always find a great deal on throw pillows at HomeGoods and rarely spend over $45 on a nice set of heavy, plush ones that give the room just the right amount of pop-of-color or pattern, as well as the additional comfort your space needs.” —Amber Guyton

6. Buy a Blanket

“A favorite indulgence of mine is a comfy throw, for me, my kids, and our guests. Choose one with a fun pattern or surprising color to keep draped over the arm of a chair or piled in with others inside of a vintage basket. It’s nice to have on hand, especially for those cooler evenings we hope are around the corner! My favorite throw blanket is a soft coral chenille throw that was my mother-in-law’s. It reminds me of her, which I love.” Maggie Griffin, interior designer

7. Wallpaper That Wows

“Applying removable wallpaper to the inside of a bookcase is also an easy way to add some color and pattern to the living room. Many come in a variety of colors and patterns, and some options can be found for under $50!” —Jade Joyner, co-founder and principal of Metal + Petal