The Funniest iPhone Photobooth Apps

The Funniest iPhone Photobooth Apps

Gregory Han
Sep 9, 2010

There we were at the early part of a small dinner party with our friends, catching up and chit-chatting, when one friend used a pause in the conversation to proudly whip out her newest tech toy, an iPhone 4. As much as we admired her new handheld companion, it was the app she used to show off her new iPhone's photographic abilities that really grabbed our attention and got the laughs started.

Our friend Abby showcased the iPhone 4's impressive photo prowess using an amusing app called Zombie Booth (that's my better half on the left converted and ready for her George A. Romero cameo). Snap a photo of your friend's mug straight on, crop accordingly, and then the app converts your friend into an undead brain-hungry creature which growls and follows your touch across the screen. It's admittedly a simple diversion, but one that reminded us of our college years using Kai's Power Goo and Photoshop to illicit cackles and belly groans with our image manipulating tomfoolery. No matter how often you do it, there's nothing more fun than expanding your friend's head to Bratz head proportions or transferring a cow's udder onto their forehead (and that's just the rated G memories).

Apple's Photobooth app is often the first application we use to introduce new OS X users hoping to become acquainted with iPhoto and their ilk because of its photo distortion fun. And like Zombie Booth, there are plenty of other iTunes apps (our Facebook and Twitter feeds sometime seem like a Hipstamatic Tumblr) that can convert your iPhone into an amusing social diversion.

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