The Best Gift I Received That I Never Knew I Wanted Was…

The Best Gift I Received That I Never Knew I Wanted Was…

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 15, 2010

My parents are known for their ability to morph into holiday elves each year when it comes to gift giving. I was quite blessed to have received all sorts of books, toys, dolls and creative mediums that allowed me to develop talents that I still foster today. But one gift stood out amongst them all and I darn near lit my eyebrows on fire with it — the chemistry set.

My father was a complete Chemistry nerd and so he wanted to hand down that tradition. But I wasn't so much into the formulas and specifics of chemistry, instead, I just wanted to do what every kid did — through elements in a fire and see what color it turns.

So there I sat, downstairs at the family bar with my chemistry set all laid out. I would start the little burner with it's flame and then one by one throw pinches of elements that came in the little bottles into the fire. It it truly amazing I didn't burn the house down. But it taught me a great deal, that sometimes you forget the details and just do things to make them happen and that was a far better lesson than any chemistry class I ever took!

What's the greatest gift you ever received as a child that you had no idea you'd love so much? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member x-ray delta one licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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