3 New Ways To Discover & Enjoy Music

3 New Ways To Discover & Enjoy Music

Chris Perez
Jul 6, 2012

I remember the first cassette mixtape I made, the first CD I purchased, and the first mp3's I downloaded. In the past few years I also remember telling friends about Pandora, and later about a new service called Spotify. All those events changed the way I listened to music — at home, on the go, or while at work. Now I'm wondering if services like Songza, Vevo, and an innovative new album by Bluebrain are about to do that all over again.

This new music service is catching on like wildfire, and it's easy to see why. Songza takes all the hurt out of figuring out what to listen to by breaking things down into practical, easy-to-choose categories. The music concierge puts together a perpetual playlist based on your mood and time of day — songs for waking up and singing in the shower with, music without lyrics to read or study by, or mellow tunes to relax to after a long day. You're no longer stuck figuring out what band you want your radio based on, you just pick a style and let Songza's music experts handle the rest. Best of all this is all done ad-free through their website or free iPhone app.

Vevo HD
You may be too young to remember this, but a while back there was this television network called MTV. And all day, everyday, the TV station played what its name suggested: music videos! If you enjoyed finding and listening to new music in that format, then Vevo is your ticket. Accessible on the web or through an iPad app, Vevo is simply a huge collection of high quality music videos that you can search through to create your own personal playlists. They've even partnered with a few artists to provide exclusive HD content. I personally enjoy the Airplay feature of the app that'll let you stream videos to your Apple TV to give your next party some visual ambiance.

The National Mall by Bluebrain

Musical duo Bluebrain has really stepped out of the box to provide a whole new experience by releasing the first location-aware album. Designed for use within the bounds of Washington DC's National Mall, the downloadable iPhone app streams tunes from the album based on your GPS location. A walk up the steps of the Lincoln memorial treating you to a different melody than one you'd get as you walk along the edge of the Reflecting pool. The thinking behind this is pure genius, and it may not be long before all our music experiences are based on where we are, who we're with, and what time of day it is.

(Images: 1. Chris Perez 2. Songza 3. Vevo)

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