The Best of Laptop Sized Desks

We’ve seen our share of beautiful home offices and desk spaces decked out with the latest tech gear, cool vinyl toys or gorgeous color schemes from vibrant accessories. If you don’t happen to have a home office or even a computer, there are still ways to create a desk space with just a laptop that others would envy.

Some people achieve an attractive laptop desk space by keeping things simple, while others create a mural of inspirational posters to compensate for the bare space on a desk. For all cases, an elevated laptop stand adds a nice touch.

Top 10 Laptop Desk Spaces
Top Row:
1. Flickr member mnerd
2. Flickr member jgarber
3. Flickr member MademoisellePoirot
4. DIY Super=Slim Laptop Desk from IKEA Parts
5. Flickr member suh-weet!

Bottom Row:
6. Flickr member darkmaterial
7. Flickr member HelenPalsson
8. Unplggd’s Favorite Small Space Desks for Laptop Users
9. Flickr member jokkea
10. Flickr member bendblock