Food & Nutrition Podcasts to Fuel Your Mind & Body

updated May 3, 2019
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Podcasts are a great way to fill those in-between moments in your day when your mind tends to wander. You know the time: Walking to your bus stop from your apartment, taking a run in the evening, commuting to work, driving to the grocery store, or tidying the kitchen. They’re those moments that don’t require a lot of focus, so you can split your attention. Rather than just blasting your usual playlist, why not fill your earbuds with an interesting talk show that will teach you something new about a topic you like?

If you like food, cooking, nutrition and eating, food podcasts can be a real game changer and a great source of inspiration — but it can be hard to know where to find them. To start you off, here are seven podcasts that we think are worth checking out.

This podcast is for people who want to have a deeper understanding behind the psychology and science behind what they eat. Created by dietitian Melissa Joy Dobbins, she brings in experts from all sorts of fields to talk about an interesting array of topics. For example, “Food Truths from Farm to Table” talks about how food is really produced and how grocery store labels could be misleading, and “The (Re) Purpose of Food” touches on how delicious food can be guilt-free and enjoyable, while packing a nutritious, balanced punch.

This podcast is run by two dietitians, Glenys and Aaron, who push intuitive eating, health at every size, and body positivity. They have wildly interesting podcasts that jump from topic to topic, such as “There Will Be Rants,” where they look at current research regarding obesity and cancer, examine its flaws, and point out how those flaws perpetuate fat-phobia. Another great episode was “Body Kindness,” where, you guessed it, they touched on how to be fit and healthy, but still kind to your body during the process.

If you want to lead a healthier life (at any size) this anti-diet podcast is for you. It helps you make peace with your body and food, and restructures the goal from being “skinny” to finding yourself comfortable in your own skin and peaceful in your relationship with food. On the podcast, dietitian Christy Harrison talks about topics like body image, weight stigma, nutrition, fitness, and eating disorder recovery, all from a body-positive angle.

If you have a strained relationship with food, this podcast is like couples counseling between you and your fridge. Julie Duffy Dillon, an award-winning dietitian and food behavior expert, hosts it, where she has readers write a letter to food, detailing their frustrations and battles in the relationship. Then Food writes back, helping to delve into the root of the problem and offering tips on how to reconcile and lead a healthier relationship moving forward.

If you want some fast tips on your nutrition rather than hunkering down for an hour long interview, then Nutrition Diva is right up your alley. It offers episodes that are 10 minutes or less that focus on sorting food facts from fiction, and they answer some pressing questions – like nutrition tips for night owls, three reasons to try black rice, and tips on how to reduce mindless overeating.

Real Food Radio is run by dietitian Ayla Withee and offers 30-minute podcasts on a wide range of healthy-eating topics. To give you an idea of what to expect, some of her shows have touched on a whole-foods approach to training, the road back to health after a Diabetes diagnosis, and how to eat well while traveling.

When we think of athletes, we think of bulky humans that probably eat three steaks for dinner daily. But anyone can train – no matter what size, shape, or diet they’re on. That’s what this podcast proves. If you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or just veg-curious, this podcast will help you realize you can train and be an athlete without animal proteins in your diet. From recipes and book suggestions, to tips on how to supplement your diet, this podcast has it all.

If you’re interested in nutrition and food, give some of these podcasts a go. You might learn something valuable.