8 Stain Removers to Stock Up on Before You Need Them

published Aug 13, 2018
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Not only can a good stain remover save your garments, carpet, and upholstery from unsightly spills and stains, they also work to keep your stuff looking fresh and new for longer. That’s why it’s important to always have a handful of solid stain removers on hand, so you can rescue your goods from blemishes before it’s too late.

So to help make your life, or at least laundry day, go more smoothly, we rounded up the top-rated stain removers on the market. From a cult favorite spot remover to a pocket-sized stain-fighting pen, read ahead for eight stain-removers you need to stock up on ASAP.

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For spot-treating furniture:

White Wizard Spot Remover and All Purpose Cleaner

A cult favorite spot remover for a reason, White Wizard Spot Remover and All Purpose Cleaner gently erases everything from wine and coffee stains to chewing gum in seconds, including stains that have already set in! Just apply a dollop of this odorless and non-toxic miracle cream and wipe away clean.

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For everyday laundry stains:

Carbona Stain Wizard Pre-Wash Stain Remover

Sometimes, all it takes to get those spots out of your favorite t-shirt is a little pre-wash care routine. Case in point: Carbona Stain Wizard Pre-Wash Stain Remover. Complete with a built-in brush to help loosen stubborn stains prior to washing them, simply apply this all-natural pre-wash treatment directly to the stain before throwing it in the washing machine.

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For pet stains:

Biokleen Bac-Out Stain and Odor Remover Foam Spray

Searching for an all-natural way to safely remove pet stains and odors from your clothing and upholstery? Filled with ultra effective natural enzymes that break down organic waste, Biokleen Bac-Out Stain and Odor Remover Foam Spray will work wonders on everything from your smelly laundry to tough-to-remove carpet stains.

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For on-the-go stain removal:

Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen

The only thing worse than getting ketchup all over your favorite dress is when it happens in public. Thankfully, the Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen is small enough to fit in your pocket and purse, but tough enough to pre-treat—and sometimes remove—difficult stains on the fly.

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For set-in laundry stains:

Shout Advanced Gel

Five-star rated on Target.com, Shout Advanced Gel is obviously the go-to laundry stain remover of the masses. Designed with a built-in fabric brush to help loosen up tough set-in stains, this bestselling gel even works in cold water, making it the perfect stain remover to have on hand come laundry day.

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For spot treating wine, coffee, and blood:

Wine Away Stain Remover

In the world of tough-to-remove stains, red wine takes the cake. Fortunately, Wine Away works fast and efficiently on soiled upholstery, clothing, and carpet. (It won our tests for coffee stains, too.) No wonder it boasts a 4.5 out of 5 stars average customer rating on Amazon.

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For dingy carpets and upholstery:

Woolite Carpet & Upholstery Triple Action Cleaner

Kind of like Shout Advance Gel, but for upholstery, Woolite Carpet & Upholstery Triple Action Cleaner features a large built-in brush that works to gently remove dirt and odors, even deep-down dried-in ones, from your carpet, fabric, and upholstery.

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For bathroom and kitchen stains:

Clorox Oxi Magic Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Spray

Not only can Clorox Oxi Magic Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Spray remove anything from crayon to wine stains from your garments and upholstery, thanks to a color-safe oxygen-based bleaching agent, it works well on hard surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, too.