The Big Sort: The Best Thing About Packing Up for a Move

The Big Sort: The Best Thing About Packing Up for a Move

Janel Laban
May 10, 2010

We're about to move from one apartment to another in the same building. Everyone says, ooooh, easy move! And, in some ways it has been — certainly there is a cost savings when you don't need to hire the big truck. But for the most part, you still need to do all the same things when getting ready to move across the hall that you do when moving across the country.

And, having just sealed up the final box, we are 100% sure that we know the very best thing about packing up for a move:

It's the ultimate "Big Sort".

Every family has their own lingo, and at our house, we've been using the term "The Big Sort" to describe the bi-annual reorganization of my son's LEGO collection. Everyone gets in on the act, sitting around the dining room table, making an afternoon of it, sorting the much loved pieces by size and style and function into the best bin for the job. We eat pizza and chat about our favorite movies and generally get the job done, allowing for some really great LEGO creations in the coming weeks because he knows where everything is.

Well, that is what we just did, on a grand scale — with everything we own. The realization hit that the period while packing for a move is the one time where you know you've looked at and considered every single item in your home. Every shoe, every book, every fork, every old goofy coffee mug (that you honestly don't even remember getting) and every pillow, lamp and beloved (or not) tchotchke gets the once over and either a thumbs up or a goodbye.

So after multiple trips to donate goods to the White Elephant we know we are leaner and meaner in terms of household goods than we have been in a decade. We're pretty good at purging all the time, but we just pulled off the olympic level decluttering event, meaning that physically and mentally, we're in a great place to be in for the next step in the moving process — setting up the new place.

We feel so good about the process, we'd like to make it something we do each Spring, but we're not sure we'd really follow through to this level — do any of you ever do a really "big sort" of your home without a move making it a necessity?

Image: Lane Johnson

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