The Best Ways To Rid The Apartment of Ants

The Best Ways To Rid The Apartment of Ants

Laure Joliet
Oct 1, 2009

It must be the late summer heat here in sunny LA that's made the city's ant population decide to make a railway line right through our apartment. Doesn't seem to be an issue that we're on the third floor:

Yes millions of ants have decided that the best shortcut to wherever they're finding food is our apartment. We thought it was the trash and removed it. We've been good about not leaving any scraps of food, cat food, or water out and yet, they're coming in the front door and leaving out the deck. Slow and steady, winning some kind of race.

So, we're planning on trying some more natural remedies before resorting to any kind of bomb or spray:

• Remove all traces of food from the house
• Put pet food bowls in bowls of water to create a moat around their food dish.
• A couple of drops of peppermint oil should keep them from coming in through the door.
• If that doesn't work, something with citrus oil will help.
• If all else fails, we're going to make the sachet that Gregory and Emily used when they got invaded.

Got any good ant repellent tricks to share?

(Image: asobitsuchiya's flickr)

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