The Best Online Framing Services for Your Art and Keepsakes

published Feb 28, 2017
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

First there was the digital camera, next there was the smartphone, and now there’s Instagram. Taking quality photos whenever and sharing them has never been easier, but we still crave more permanent homes for our best works. But professional printing and framing is costly and complicated, right? That’s where online framing services come in.

If you’re not ready to frame your art yourself, online framing services aren’t as pricey as you might imagine — if you know where to look. Bonus: A few will take your non-digital memories, like souvenirs or even fabric, and frame them as well. We’ve rounded up our favorite sources for quality online framing so you can get your favorite memories off your phone and onto your wall. Your fabulous gallery wall awaits!

Three Tips for Framing

  • Don’t overthink it. Your home isn’t a museum, and you don’t need to curate it as such. Hang what is meaningful to you, whether that’s a homemade card or a print you found in a secondhand shop. The art in your home doesn’t have to be expensive or even technically “art” — it just has to be something you love and want to look at every day.
  • Consider hanging something other than prints and photos. Many of our picks give you the freedom to think outside the box when it comes to framing. Consider hanging an old quilt or sports jersey, or even something small and sentimental like a ticket to an especially memorable concert. Choosing items beyond traditional paper prints will add some character and extra texture to your walls.
  • Protect your art. Make sure the matting materials you use are acid-free and include a dust cover on the back. You can also choose an acrylic layer over the front instead of glass, as it has the advantage of being shatter-proof. No matter what, be certain to pick glass or acrylic that is UV-protected, especially if your piece will be hanging in direct sunlight. You should also keep some art, like watercolors or textiles, in the shade even with UV-protection, as they are especially sensitive to light.
Quick Overview

Best Online Sources for Framing Art for 2023

Our Top Pick: The Apartment Therapy Frame Shop

Credit: Apartment Therapy

Because we care a lot about good framing, Apartment Therapy collaborated with online framing company Simply Framed to create the Apartment Therapy Frame Shop. Through this partnership, Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan curated the framing options he likes — and has used — most, making chosing a frame much easier.

Simply answer the following three questions and the result is a classic, versatile frame you’ll love for years.

  1. Is my art a digital upload or mail-in?
  2. What’s the size? 
  3. White, Black or Natural frame?

Buy: The Apartment Therapy Frame Shop, starts at $61 for 5″x7″ framed art print

Who It’s Great For

This is the perfect framing service for people who are new to framing art and people who feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available through custom framing.

How thick should the frame be? What kind of mat should you pick? What do people even mean by “floating”? What will actually look … good? Maxwell’s figured it all out for you. The result is, as he describes it, “a clean, classic, square cap gallery style that always looks great and can hang in any room.”

(If you want the details, your art will be floated and shadowboxed, 1″ from the frame, mounted on a 4-ply white paper mat, under protective, lightweight 99 percent UV acrylic.)

Good to Know

You’ll have three choices for the frame: white, black, and natural. Here’s what Maxwell recommends.

  • White works for just about all art.
  • Black works for dark or vintage pieces.
  • Natural is great for sunny and bright pieces.

    Another quick tip: Hang your work with classic wire unless it’s an especially large frame, in which case choose corner brackets.

Best Value: Framebridge

With dozens of frame and size variations to choose from and some of the lowest prices on the market, Framebridge is perfect for the first-time framer. The process is easy — either upload your work on the site or mail it in (free shipping both ways!), and they’ll take care of the rest.

Buy: Framebridge, starts at $39 for 5″x 5″ framed Instagram print

Who It’s Great For

Framebridge is a super choice for first-timers and anyone working with a tight budget.

Good to Know

  • They also give you the option to frame more than just pictures — jerseys, flags, matchbooks, and guitar picks are all fair game.
  • If you’re still hesitant to start framing, Framebridge also offers design services, including free designer recommendations and a $199 consultation on how to build your dream gallery wall.

For Celebrations: Artifact Uprising

“Curated” is the first word that comes to mind when describing Artifact Uprising. They offer truly beautiful options beyond traditional framing, from personalized cards, to calendars, and even birth announcements. Artifact Uprising is hyper-focused on gift-giving and celebrations, with an entire section devoted to wedding invitations and photo gifts that you could still nevertheless buy for yourself. Their options include float, metal, tabletop, gallery, and deep-set frames that perfectly combine simplicity and style.

Buy: Artifact Uprising, starts at $49 for 4″x6″ Metal Tabletop framed art print

Who It’s Great For

Gift givers and anyone planning a wedding, shower, or other big event.

Good to Know

Artifact Uprising is especially appealing to the Instagram generation — they have a gorgeous app for easy uploading and Instagram-friendly framing options.

Mobile-Friendly: Keepsake Frames

Have a folder in your phone of all the photos you’ve taken that you’d like to get framed? Keepsake makes it easier than ever to do just that. You can do it all from your phone—upload your photos, preview in dozens of frames, and order. All frames are U.S.-made with premium materials, including luster paper, acid-free foam core backing, scratch-resistant glass, and solid wood mouldings.

Buy: Keepsake, starts at $29 for 9″x9″ framed print

Who It’s Great For

Mobile-first users: If you prefer doing literally everything via your phone (open my laptop for what now?) this is the service for you.

Good to Know

Finished “keepsakes” go out in about 3 to 4 days, making this a seriously fast option, too (not to mention budget-friendly).

The Creative Choice: CanvasPop

Unsurprisingly, CanvasPop excels at eye-catching canvas prints, but they’re also a solid option for traditional framing with prices starting at under $80. For something totally different, their triptych canvas print option, custom collages, and word art maker are perfect for the person who wants to make a statement.

Buy: CanvasPop, starts at $79 for 8″x10″ framed art print

Who It’s Great For

Risk-takers and anyone looking to make a statement.

Good to Know

CanvasPop also lets you add filters and effects to your photos, giving you the ultimate freedom to personalize favorite pictures and moments.

Super Convenient: SnapBox

For the most convenience and the widest array of options, you’ll want to check out SnapBox. If you’re ready to step outside the box of traditional framing, consider putting your photos on notebooks, beach towels, ornaments, mugs, and more on this site.

Buy: SnapBox, starts at $39.99 for 8″x8″ framed print

Who It’s Great For

SnapBox is a fun choice for people who are considering other options beyond framing. It’s also a good budget choice.

Good to Know

There are almost always discounts and deals so you can really experiment without feeling guilty.

Warning: You might find it impossible to choose a project from all the options, but on the bright side you’ll never get bored of the final product.

Best DIY: Framed & Matted

Framed & Matted is all about experimentation and having fun with framing. The site offers a free double mat, free extra option if you can’t decide between two colors, and free 2- to 3-day delivery. You’ll just have to assemble everything yourself once it arrives. As for the actual frames, Framed & Matted offers a small but thoughtful collection of five styles and 29 mat colors, with customizable sizes.

Buy: Framed & Matted, starts at $63 for 5″x5″ framed art print

Who It’s Great For

Framed & Matted is ideal for DIYers. If you’re comfortable putting together your own frame (hello, IKEA assemblers!), this is for you.

Good to Know

For inspiration or assistance, customers can check out their helpful lookbook or get direct email assistance.

Budget BFF: Frame It Easy

The site of choice for former Lifestyle Editor, Taryn Williford, Frame It Easy is super straightforward, customizable, and inexpensive. You can order just a frame and assemble everything yourself (the “DHY” method), or upload your art and have everything sent to you ready to be hung.

Buy: Frame It Easy, starts at $12.41 for 5″x5″ framed art print

Who It’s Great for

If you want to take a more hands-on approach to your framed decor but want to keep costs low, this is a great place to start.

Good to Know

The site also has a super-handy guide to buying frames online that’s worth a look even if you don’t end up using them for framing.

Fanciest: Level Frames

A smaller and more artist-friendly site, Level Frames will frame artwork, photos, collages, and even vinyl records. There’s a smaller selection of frame styles to choose from, but they’re all made of museum-quality, USA-made materials and all have a classic, simple feel.

Buy: Level Frames, starts at $54 for 4″x4″ framed art print

Who It’s Great For

Professional artists, archivists, art collectors, museums, and anyone else looking for superior quality framing.

Good to Know

If you’re looking to give a gift, they’ll also add gift wrap and a handwritten note at no extra cost. If you’re an artist, Level Frames lets you create a shop to sell your artwork, with them taking care of the printing, framing, and delivery at no extra cost.