The Big Media Blockade on Google TV

The Big Media Blockade on Google TV

Anthony Nguyen
Oct 26, 2010

It's official. Big media don't like the idea of Google poking their noses into their TV business. So, the obvious move? A blockade, of course! While we don't plan on taking any sides here, we are curious on what the immediate future holds for new technology that relies to heavily on the content in order to be successful.

As of today, Google's in talks with three companies (Disney, NBC and Fox) about their content blockade. Seeing as content is likely the determining factor for this generation's war over the television, hurdles like this one can have a deep impact on how far the technology will actually go.

That said, this isn't particular a smart move on the content providers either. The more hoops consumers need to jump through, the less likely they are to make the effort to watch the show. And less viewers, well, you do the math.

Disney and NBC have already started their blockade. Meanwhile Fox is still in negotiations on whether or not they'll allow their content to function on the Revue Box or Sony's upcoming Google TV box.

For the time being, HBO, Turner Broadcasting, and a number of other TV companies are allowing Google to explore the space with their content, but if we know anything about those new annoying YouTube ads, this new television experience won't be free by any means.

What do you guys think? Is Google fighting an impossible battle? Will big media and cable companies ever change their ways for IP TV? Or is IP TV done for before it even began?

[Via: The Inquirer]

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