The Bigger the Better: A Desire to Put Down Roots

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Just a week ago I was saying I couldn’t really justify buying adorable-but-unecessary gingham twist ties, and now I find myself saving photos of ridiculously large and heavy objects that I feel I really, really need…

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been house-sitting for a friend who has a flat that is truly a home — complete with a little urban garden, dogs, inviting furniture, space to work, and a feeling of years to come. I love my little apartment, but I’m realizing that it’s not home — or rather, it is home now, but I don’t imagine myself spending the years there. Hmm…I’ve already spent four years there, so I suppose the time sneaks up on you, but I love the idea of creating a home with the intention of being there for awhile, regardless of what surprises life might have in store. And if you think you might be somewhere for awhile, why not buy big, heavy, beautiful things to spend the years with you?

  • I think this bathtub is bigger than my entire bathroom — how about knocking down a wall, landlord? A luxury combination bath and…closet? Nevermind. But someday I’d like to take baths in a timeless tub that looks like a flower petal, windows thrown open, messy bun on top of my head, glass of Lillet within reach…
  • Now, a pizza stone is only, like, 7 pounds, and I would use it at least once a week, but anytime there’s any chance of moving in the future, we frequent-mover types can’t help thinking of things in terms of pounds. The weight adds up QUICK. I’ll still probably go for it anyway.
  • A piano, someday! I played piano everyday from age 5-20, and loved every minute (don’t tell them about the pouty times, Mom!). Though I am beyond rusty, and have laptop-gnarled fingers, I would love to have a piano around, just in case. No, a keyboard won’t do. It needs to be big, old, wooden, and a bit quirky, please.
  • Such a lovely garden sink! The perfect place to wash off muddy tools, rinse herbs and veg before dinner, store just-snipped flowers until I have time to arrange them. Now I just need a garden wall to attach it to.
  • This is so silly, but I think this “Laboratory Private” door would be excellent for a bedroom, though come to think of it, the glass panel doesn’t really offer much privacy. It would be fun to paint your pre-existing door black and hand-letter it with something in gold. What would yours say?
  • And finally, a sweet mossy stone toadstool, the perfect place to rest and survey my domain (fire escape?). There’s no mention of weight, but when an extra $150 is added to the shipping charges, you know it’s for real. And that you’re home.

Note: I realize that almost all of these have a comma in the price. In my imagined future, I figure I’ll find them by the side of the road, or at the excellent yard sales I’m sure to stumble upon every weekend. Right?

Images: Bathtub from Lowe’s, Pizza Stone from Emile Henry, Piano from Faust Harrison Pianos, Sink & Toadstool from Terrain, Door from Three Potato Four

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