The Blogger Generation Sets Up House

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Maybe this is a name for a generation that will stick? Reported in the Times last week this is an article that cuts to the heart of what is going on out there. Home and Garden design that is being embraced from the suburbs to the city, by older and younger generations, and by radicals as well as conservatives. This story features a nmber of New Yorkes including, Camille Acey (23), pictured above with the band she manages, The Movers and Shakers. They are sitting in a garden on their roof in Long Island City. The garden is a “rock” garden made out of 175 pounds of donated buttons and is her entry in a Ready Made Magazine competition that required the remake of a 100-square-foot space, relying on found objects and the landscape’s existing features, all within a $200 budget provided by the magazine. I hear you asking, “What is going on here?” This is a far cry from the Kips Bay Decorator Show House. This is a movement that is as much about reducing and reusing as it is about gardens or design. A few quotes to get you in the mood:

“Creative reuse was the central thing for us,” said Ms. Acey, who writes a Web log and has sought gardening advice online from other bloggers. “I’m not a high-end person who’s going to go spend $200 at Home Depot.”

“I’m thinking about gardening as a radical political act,” said Fritz Haeg, 34, an architect who teaches in the environmental design program at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif. “It means completely questioning the way we live, the way we get our food, the way we use and abuse natural resources, the way we occupy public space.”

I find myself halfway between these folks and not minding spending $4,000 on a beautiful bed (if I had it), but I love the energy and the do it yourself attitude which is essential. If you want to plug into this type of thing go to:

you grow girl

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