The BoConcept Fahrenheit° Mattress in the Test Lab

published Oct 27, 2008
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Parting is such sweet sorrow…especially if you’re parting with a mattress that you wished you could keep forever and ever. Such was the case a week ago when we bid our BoConcept review Fahrenheit Mattress farewell after a 30 day trial period. The visco-elastic foam mattress was our first hands-on experience with a true memory foam style mattress, and we welcomed it with both high expectations and concerns, since the Fahrenheit mattress was so different from our (formerly) comfortable W Hotel bed…

First off, let’s get the construction components listed. The Fahrenheit° mattress is built with three layers:

  • Layer 1: 2″ soft, visco-elastic top mattress. An extra soft, comfortable top mattress material.
  • Layer 2: 1″ visco-elastic foam. A firmer foam that, with the upper layer, provides the optimum support and pressure-relieving properties.
  • Layer 3: 4″ base mattress of 84 lbs polyether foam that ensures the mattress remains firm and retains its shape.

The mattress is very heavy, exhibiting a noticeable solid-center heft that was unexpected from something described as being composed of foam. A couple burly BoConcept deliverers taxed up our entryway stairs and dropped off the mattress with a careful thud on top of our Modernica Case Study bed frame. Aesthetically, the BoConcept Fahrenheit° mattress is a nice fit for platform style bedframes and looked handsome ontop (though noticeably lower in profile compared to our spring mattress, which we liked).

Of course the first thing we did as soon as the delivery team left was to jump ontop, behind first, onto the mattress. The sensation was neither the springy bounce of a typical mattress, nor the quagmire-sinking sensation we expected. It was more akin to a brawny set of arms confidently catching you, and the mattress didn’t register any movement which was very impressive considering our weight and our enthusiastic leap. Laying directly ontop we noted the mattress was somewhere in the “very firm” range, but we also guessed because of this solid quality, the mattress would last eons without any noticeable loss is shape.

There’s a noticeable funky off-gassing odour which is typical for a mattress like this; the smell faded in the first few days, and was also diminished when we added our allergen barrier mattress cover. Those with chemical sensitivities may want to ask for a material sample before purchasing.

Our first few nights sleeping with our new foam filled friend was admittedly not perfectly comfortable. Transitioning from a sagging, but cushy spring mattress to a fully supportive and firm mattress takes a bit of time getting used to. As noted before, the mattress is extremely adept at containing movement in a specific region. So when Emily got up for work as I snoozed lazily till my later-set alarm, I hardly registered her departure. I woke up the first 3-4 nights feeling sore in certain pressure points, but noticed on days where I had worked out and went to bed extremely tired, the next morning I had noticeably less sore points; this was likely due to the fact when we’re truly fatigued-tired, we don’t move around during sleep as much. The Fahrenheit° mattress seems most ideal for stomach and back sleepers, in this regard.

One large concern we had was the issue of body heat using a visco-elastic foam mattress. We’ve used memory foam toppers, and although comfortable in colder temps, for someone such as myself who mimics an EasyBake Oven each night, memory foam tends to bring on the sweats. The Fahrenheit° mattress is dotted with visible air vents, and because of this, it stays remarkably cool and comfortable. There was no single evening where I woke up feeling too hot because of the mattress, despite some early fall heat wave temps, so hot heads such as myself can rest comfortably.

Around the end of the first week of sleeping ontop of the Fahrenheit° our bodies became acclimated to the firm support and the positives of the mattress became evident. Morning sore spots disappeared, replaced by a refreshed sensation of a good night’s sleep each night. Both of us found the Fahrenheit° like a good pair of shoes that needed some breaking in before the fit and quality became evident. So it seemed just as we really began to love and appreciate the Fahrenheit°, our 30 days were up and the mattress was picked up by the same pair of deliverers from BoConcept…leaving us with dreams of saving up enough money to call one our own (these babies aren’t cheap, but considering the worth of a good night’s sleep each and every night, we think the price is fair).

BoConcepts offers 60 day trials with their BoConcept Fahrenheit° Mattresses here. “Drats” for not asking for a longer trial period ourselves…those extra 30 days would have surely been welcome.