The Box Project by Yu Kwang Soo

Ever pine for the days when home audio was incorporated with home decor more directly in the form of stereo cabinets? We’ve posted about how to turn a stereo speaker into a cabinet and also how to turn a salvaged vintage stereo cabinet into storage, and in similar fashion, Korean designer Yu Kwang Soo has pieced together player cabinets for the iPod era that might inspire you to beg grandma for some of her vintage cabinetry.

There’s also a writing desk version, complete with stereo system integrated into the interior, while also providing a very cool pull out drawer for storage and connection to an mp3 player.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Want something similar, since the Box Project is just a concept piece? You can take Peter’s past DIY instructions for how to build “very simple speakers” and partner it up with a Craiglist, eBay or yard sale find as the foundation of something equally unique and decor-friendly. Add a USB grommet dock and some smart cable routing accessories, and you could conceivably match or top the example above (or at least we’d like to imagine).

See more photos of Yu Kwang Soo’s work here.